Plastic Bag[wip]


///This work is currently being developed into a performance and presented in May 2022 at Brand X.
The performative video installation ‘Plastic Bag’ draws from the postmodern concept of hyperreality, exploring shifting states of personal perception. Using semiotics, street dance and digital media, the performers in ‘Plastic Bag’ navigate the boundaries of their highly mediated worlds; pushing against their own desires, warped realities and their hyperreal existence. The ‘Plastic Bag’ video series utilises elements of street dance to reveal street culture’s capacity for education and its ability to incite new and challenging conversations with the larger public.

Plastic Bag crosses between film, performance, physical theatre and investigates how all these disciplines can be integrated together to live within a common formula.

Director/Visual Artist :
Feras Shaheen///

Dancers : Dennis Ly, Patric Kuo, Richie Rich, Marcos Toledo///

Dramaturg : David Capra

Full Credits


Director/Visual Artist :
Feras Shaheen///
Dramaturg : David Capra///
Lighting : Joshua O’Connor///
Production Manager : Reina Takeuchi/ Joshua O’Connor.


Direction : Feras Shaheen Filming & Editing: Feras Shaheen///
Animation : Anthony Vu, Koh Ziwei///
Dancers : Dennis Ly, Patric Kuo, Richie Rich, Marcos Toledo///
Music : Kieran Crowe, Harrison Wade, Dro Carey///
MUA : Lauren Amy Micheal///
BTS : Minh Nguyen, Gracie Steindl.